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To avoid disappointment please book 24 hours in advance for your evening meal.
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For all you folks who enjoy the great outdoors under canvas we have an area set aside for camping enthusiasts. This site is free on the condition that campers use the the pub, we must, however, insist on:

No BBQ's!

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Ring for details.
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For self catering accomodation that is within a mile of us try "The Old Cinema" in Consall Forge.
Self Catering
Saturday 2nd August 2009. It was one of those horrible wet miserable August days as I set out on the journey to darkest Staffordshire. I quickly learned that this was going to be a long trip up the motorway as I encountered heavy traffic at West Bromwich consisting mainly of holiday makers with there caravans heading back home.
I eventually arrived at my destination, and guiding a lost party of 4 people to the pub, I parking the car I gingerly picked my way across the wet bridge up the towpath to the Black Lion. I had hardly entered the pub when the heavens opened up and it started to rain heavily so I thanked my lucky stars and made my way to the bar.
Jason, having just come back from holiday, was in the kitchen cooking so I sat and watched the "Wicker Men" setting up there equipment in the corner of the bar. A steady flow of walkers were now entering the pub all glad of the shelter out of the rain and I had now managed to have a quick word with Jason about the presentation. I found out that the CAMRA representatives had not yet arrived so after ordering a drink I wandered over and chatted to the 2 members of the band, both extremely pleasant and sociable chaps, while I waited. Feeling quiet peckish now I took up Jason's offer of some lunch and sat down to a HUGE plate of ham, eggs and chips from the menu which was quiet delicious.
The moment finally arrived and the announcement of the presentation was greeted with a round of applause from the now packed pub. A short speech from Mr Clive Ameson, chairman of the Potteries branch of CAMRA, was followed by the presentation of the trophy and certificate of Pub of the month. Jason gratefully received the trophy and gave a, thankfully, short speech himself and it was then on with the pleasant music of the "Wicker Men". This is a fitting accolade for Jason who's hard work has seen him take the Black Lion from a run down business to the current success that it is today. You can read a far superior article Neil Barrat wrote for the Potteries branch magazine by clicking <HERE>
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